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Drilling Rental Tools

Sidetracking out of an existing wellbore is one specific application of directional drilling. Sidetracking is typically done to bypass a fish in the original borehole to reuse existing well or to explore for additional producing horizons in adjacent sectors of the field. Nowadays, sidetracking is also done to develop multiple wells from the existing borehole for more economically developing fields, especially in offshore environments.

ProGrynd Keyhole™ Whipstock System is an One-Trip Sidetracking Solution for Casedhole & Openhole wells covering All Sizes with having Hydraulic & Mechanical setting features which offers Permanent and Retrievable options in order to fulfill All Operation Requirements.

* Cased-hole Whipstocks

A typical whipstock is an inclined ramp, usually having an inclination of two to three degrees from the axis of the well that can be permanently or temporarily set inside the existing casing. ProGrynd International manufactures all types of Cased Hole Whipstock Systems in both Mechanical and Hydraulic Types, either Permanent and Retrievable Types.