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Fishing Milling Remedial

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Fishing Milling Remedial

Fishing is the name given by the oil industry to any operation involving the removal of stuck material from the borehole. ProGrynd can provide an extensive line of equipment for both cased and open hole, Fishing.

Our field supervisors are experienced to handle whatever problems that may arise. ProGrynd has the experience and expertise to work with all clients regardless of size or geographic location.

Fishing is the application or art of utilizing many types of special equipment and experiences that is used to assist our clients with the removal or recovery of debris, or lost equipment to return the wellbore to the desired condition. With our in, house design and machine shop, as well as welders and tool dressers; ProGrynd can respond efficiently, building special equipment, parts or modifying tools to achieve the required results.

Faster than ever

Complete Fishing and Rental Tools, ProGrynd makes every effort to provide toner customers with the fastest, most efficient service possible.

Fishing and Rental Tools

  • Back-off Tools
  • Bumper Subs
  • Casing Exits
  • Casing Scrapers
  • External Catch Tools
  • Internal Catch Tools
  • Impression Blocks
  • Junk Baskets
  • Jars

  • Joints
  • Magnets
  • Mills (Taper, Pilot, Raptor, Junk, …)
  • Pulling Tools
  • Stabilizers
  • Subs
  • Under reamer
  • Washover Equipment