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Our History

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The Company has been established 2005 in heart of Industrial Area of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. which acting as the head office and the main manufacturing plant today, along with a second manufacturing & operation base in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

ProGrynd has been formed around 60 dedicated, highly trained and experienced industry experts specializing in Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing & Services mainly in Drilling, Fishing & Premium Connections; working on a 24/7 basis in order to fulfill the customer requirements as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our experienced Management Team and Field Service Engineers have an outstanding level of creativity and innovation for different well plans and also troubleshooting challenges that arise during the life cycle of the well and have a track history of providing clients with innovative and cost effective solutions.

ProGrynd International LLC is a Global Manufacturer of Drilling Tools and Oilfield Equipment. We provide equipment, services, personnel, design, manufacturing and tool repair as per the following standards and specifications:

  • API Specification 5CT
  • ANSI/API Specification 7-1
  • ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 18001:2007

Scope of Application

The scope of the API Specifications and Quality Management System covers:

Design, Manufacturing, Redressing, Rental and Tool Repair of Downhole and Fishing Tools as well as The Provision of Engineers as Man Power Supply Service for Different Companies

The company has implemented a Quality Management System in order to provide our customers with consistent products that meet or exceed customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. The scope of the Quality management system applies to following products, services:

1. Precision CNC Machine Shop Products:

  • Premium Connection / API Connections
  • Fishing & Remedial Tools, Mills
  • Whipstock, Casing Exit & Sidetrack Tools
  • Drilling Tools, Stabilizers, Hole Openers & Under Reamers
  • Thru-Tubing
  • Drill Stem, Tool Joints, X-Overs, Pup Joints, Subs & Flanges

2. Drilling Well Services:

  • Fishing, Milling and Remedial
  • Whipstock, Casing Exit & Sidetrack
  • Drilling Rental Tools
  • Thru-Tubing
  • Well Abandonment & Tieback
  • Drilling Operation Consultancy & Troubleshooting

3. Certified Workshop Services:

  • Welding, Redressing, Hardfacing & Grinding
  • Tool Joint Repair, Connection Repair, Hardbanding and Pipe Straightening
  • Drilling Tools Repair & Maintenance
  • Testing & Inspection

On July 2010 we have established ProGrynd International – Instrumentation Division.  Our technicians are trained and Certified by Wagner Instrumentation that comprise with the new instrumentation system, refurbishing and repairs of used Wagner, MD / Totco Instrumentation Systems.

Instrumentation Division performs Calibration, Certification, Assembly, Service and Installation of the following items and systems.

  • Anchor and Deflection type Weight indicators
  • Pump Pressure
  • Stand Pipe Pressure
  • Tong Line Pull and Torque
  • Pump Stroke Counter
  • Rotary Torque
  • Crane Weight Indicator
  • Wire Line Weight Indicator
  • Coil Tubing Weight Indicator
  • Bulk Tank Weight Indicator
  • Drilling and Cement Recorders etc.